Inventory Video

Inventory Video

Our team at AIM knows that your inventory is your ticket to sales, and more exposure can only mean more sales. Good news – we are here to help! AIM can create custom vehicle inventory videos that will be displayed in front of thousands of auto shoppers in your area while also getting your name in front of new audiences.

Our inventory videos are developed using “real-time” technology, requiring no pre-production which reduces implementation time and keeps costs low. This process is successful because not only can we create a highly effective video, but it’s completely automatic. The platform immediately takes inventory data and photos and creates a real-time video using a human voiceover that communicates the most marketable features of a vehicle and their associated benefits. By doing so, it provides shoppers with a natural sounding vehicle-specific educational overview that enhances the shopping experience by visually highlighting vehicle details.

Not only can we create highly efficient inventory videos, but we are constantly pushing innovative and technological capabilities to new levels. Our videos offer in-depth original content that is highly customizable to the specifications of the client and easily integrates with your website or Facebook page.

Model and product specific videos help generate more interest, views, leads, and ultimately, more sales from your website and third-party sites.

An automobile purchase isn't a simple lucid decision -- so help potential buyers with innovative videos from AIM!

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AIM inventory Video will get your vehicles in front of millions of auto shoppers to give you more opportunities to sell more cars, trucks, and SUVs. We have more websites to syndicate your inventory than any other company in the automotive industry.


Put Vehicle Videos in Your Customer's Hands with Mobile Video

With Best Vehicle Video, our real-time capability has been extended outside of Flash to iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Device-aware players will work on iOS and non-flash compatible devices by auto-detecting device and selecting the appropriate player. Unlike our competitor’s flat files, real time benefits are not lost. There are currently 45 million iOS devices in use in the United States: iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. What makes Best Vehicle Video truly unique is that it provides platform detection & video optimization…meaning enhanced behavior and performance based on the platform it plays and how the user interacts with it.
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